Insulating Your Shed: Why, What and When?

Why you should insulate your shed

Your typical Aussie shed represents the best in all-purpose domestic utility, functioning as storage, a space for activities, or potentially the ultimate entertainment den. However, the cladding – usually less than half a millimetre of steel – provides absolutely no barrier at all to swings in outside temperature. In winter, the interior is freezing while the summer sun turns it into a stifling sauna.

What products to insulate your shed with

This is where shed insulation comes in. Ametalin recommends ThermalBrane 4 and/or ThermalBreak 7, our DIY double-side reflective foam insulation designed for steel construction. Simply by installing Ametalin’s double-sided foil foam insulation into the wall and beneath the roof cladding with an air space, winter and summer R-values are improved by a factor of five to six.

When to insulate your shed

Anytime! For new sheds, the easiest time to install insulation is when building the shed, so that the full roll can simply fit between the steel members behind the cladding. For pre-existing sheds, DIY retrofit installation will involve a bit more cutting, taping, and affixing to the members to get the same result, but the extra effort pays off immediately.

No more shivering or sweltering – this simple fix will let you get maximum use out of your shed space all year round.

Note: Always take care when working with reflective insulation materials as the aluminium foil is electrically conductive.

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