Ametalin Assisting Kangaroo Island

Recently Australia has suffered through a range of damaging bushfires, including Kangaroo Island and the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. The Kangaroo Island Fire which started in December 2019 was caused by lightning strikes and burnt a total of 211,474.02 hectares, covering half of the Island.

Ametalin had the opportunity to assist with the build of a new Koala Hospital based at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. The hospital was built due to the large amount of Koalas that had been injured or lost their habitat on the island. Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello, a radio presenter and host of South Aussie with Cosi took to Facebook seeking any help from the South Australian Building Industry. Channel 9’s hit TV show The Block provided the labour and many local businesses provided the materials, Ametalin being one of them.

The build only took one week from start to finish, with the reveal being presented on the Today Show which was held live on Kangaroo Island. Ametalin are proud to have supported a great cause for the animals and the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park which had been directly affected by the fire.

To see the build please follow this link:

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