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Ametalin's new CeaseFire®

This is a must watch for anyone interested in building vapour permeable, weatherproof & non-combustible constructions.

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Ametalin’s range of wall wraps, sarkings and reflective foil insulation products are specifically designed to suit your building application and climate zone. From wet tropical and warm temperate climate zones typical of Australia and much of Asia, to cold and alpine regions. We have you covered.

Select from our range of products and accessories to complement DtS Non-combustible constructions and all Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs).


Architects and Specifiers

Ametalin creates building systems for thermal comfort, moisture management and energy efficiency. We also provide technical support for all your specifying needs.

Specify with confidence via our NATSPEC Specification Worksection: Branded Worksections (0471p AMETALIN in thermal insulation and pliable membranes)

Available to download here.

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South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Essential Services

Ametalin is proud to be assisting to keep temperature management for hospitals, temporary housing and other projects aiding essential needs through the use of our Thermal Break products.


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Custom printing on Ametalin insulation is an extremely cost effective form of advertising.

Take advantage & advertise your business.

Build to suit your climate

Australia is a diverse country with a wide range of climate zones.
Design and build to suit the climatic conditions of your area or region.

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