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The activities of Ametalin, a division of Amalgamated Metal Industries Pty Ltd, have two foci:

1. as a specialist manufacturer of flexible membranes for use both in flexible packaging and in pliable building membranes; and

2. as a designer of insulation systems and distributor of reflective insulation and pliable building membranes to hardware stores and building supply companies.

Ametalin has its head office and primary factory in Salisbury North, South Australia, and secondary manufacturing in Johor, Malaysia. Other significant export markets include Japan, India and New Zealand.

Ametalin manufactures a range of foam insulation products, sarkings (roof underlays), and wall wraps, including reflective and very high permeance membranes. Our products are designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, primarily in tropical to warm temperate climate zones typical of Australia.

Ametalin aims to develop world class, competitively priced insulation systems and laminates for the global market, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all of our dealings.


Ametalin was founded in 1999 when the plant and intellectual property for the Silver Batts product range were acquired from Pioneer Plasterboard Pty Ltd. In 2003, Ametalin acquired a laminating plant in Mascot, Sydney, and commenced production of a range of laminated building wraps and insulation products.

In 2008, the operations of Adelaide-based laminating company SA Toyo Pty Ltd, established in 1988 and specialising in laminates for the flexible packaging industry, were merged into Ametalin’s insulation and laminating operations. This acquisition gave Ametalin access to leading-edge laminating technology, plant and equipment. Ametalin continues to supply flexible packaging and industrial laminates under the brand “SA Toyo”.

Ametalin’s head office, product development and primary manufacturing facilities located in Adelaide, Australia.

Global Research and Development

Ametalin is at the forefront of industry research and development. Using world-class innovative design and next-generation technology, Ametalin aims to reduce the need for carbon-emitting air conditioning in Australia and the global market while providing practical year-round thermal insulation.

Our research and development personnel have access to resources throughout Australia and overseas. Collaborations in Japan for over a decade, India, and most recently China, have greatly added to the scope of the company, allowing us to emerge as a global leader in the sustainable building and construction industry.


Ametalin is a partner of the CRC for Low Carbon Living, a national research and innovation hub that seeks to enable a globally competitive low carbon built environment sector. Over the past several years, Ametalin has worked closely with the CRC for Low Carbon Living in conjunction with the University of New South Wales on an ongoing project to develop a comprehensive guide to moisture management in Australian buildings and climate zones, and to develop next-generation membrane technology to meet identified gaps in the currently available technology.

The Chairman of Ametalin, Michel Boström, is the Foundation President of the Aluminium Foil Insulation Association and is active as a representative on numerous industry and regulatory bodies including Standards committees and the NCC technical committee.

Low Carbon Living CRC Partner

Ametalin is a foundation partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide, a global leading initiative in persuit of carbon neutrality to make Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city by 2021.

Design Philosophy

Ametalin specialises in applying the principles of reflective insulation to develop building insulation systems for the diverse range of climatic conditions typical of Australia and much of Asia.

Ametalin supports the design philosophy of the Australian Institute of Tropical Architecture for humid coastal climates: to achieve thermal comfort in summer through the control of radiant heat and natural ventilation, as an alternative to carbon-emitting air conditioning.

Ametalin’s products and insulation systems are designed to meet the following criteria:


Ametalin’s products are retailed and distributed nationally throughout major Australian building suppliers covering the entire Australian continent, with country-based representatives in overseas markets. Other significant export markets include Japan, India and New Zealand.

Award Winning Design

Ametalin’s multi-layer Silver Batts have been honoured with the prestigious “Australian Design Award”. Other milestones include the “Excellence in Aluminium” award and finalist for the “Prince Philip Prize for Australian Design”. When tested in-situ at Townsville, in tropical Queensland conditions, Ametalin’s “Silver Batts completely eliminated the heat transfer from the ceiling into the living area”.*

Environmental Policy

Ametalin is committed to environmental protection. Our philosophy is to develop and maintain systems and work practices that enhance and protect the urban domain for the enjoyment of all the community.

As a partner of the CRC for Low Carbon Living, we are committed to reducing Australia’s carbon footprint by developing reflective insulation products that reduce the need for carbon-emitting air conditioning in Australian homes and buildings, providing healthier and more comfortable interior environments while preserving our exterior environment.


Ametalin is a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity South Australia.*2000, Professor RM Aynsley, Insulating Warm Climate Housing: Unique Advantages of Reflective Roof Spaces, Australian Institute of Tropical Architecture, James Cook University, QLD

Habitat for Humanity