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Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Terms and conditions

Revised May 2018
Ametalin provides custom printing on the following terms:

  1. Print Size: Up to a maximum area of 800 mm x 800 mm, with a print repeat of 1000 mm.
  2. Minimum Order Quantity: 1,200 lineal metres.
    For example: 20 rolls @ 60 metres or 40 rolls @ 30 metres.
  3. Overs and Unders: Quantity supplied may be up to 10% more or less than quantity ordered, and may include a short roll/s (from the end of the production run). You will only be invoiced for the number of rolls shipped. Short rolls from the end of the run will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis.
  4. Plate Set-up Cost: A one-off charge for the printing plate will apply for the first order only.
    Contact for details.
  5. Printing Cost: FREE printing is offered with minimum order quantities. For the first order, please allow up to three weeks for delivery from the time the final artwork is approved. Note:All artwork MUST be supplied as ‘print ready’ PDF files to ensure your order is printed correctly.

N.B.: In addition to any printing specified by the customer, all rolls will have a declaration of compliance to AS/NZS 4200.1 and AS/NZS 4859.1, together with a small SilverSark®, SilverWrap™ or Trade Select™ logo and, in the case of SilverSark® or Trade Select™ Sarking, an instruction to allow sag between supporting members under roofs.

Printing Procedure

Considering the high costs of billboards, custom printing on sarking is an extremely cost effective and efficient form of advertising. As a special offer, we will supply FREE custom printing for orders of 20 rolls. However, the customer must pay for the plate set-up cost as outlined in the Custom Printing Charges and Terms (5).
Custom Printing Process

  1. Artwork: The customer supplies their logo for quotation of set-up costs. Note: All artwork MUST be supplied as ‘print ready’ PDF files to ensure your order is printed correctly.
  2. Cost: Charge for printing plates is based on a maximum size of 800 mm x 800 mm.
    Contact for details.
  3. Order: The customer places an order based on the minimum order quantities outlined in the Custom Printing Charges and Terms (3).
  4. Approval: Artwork will be reproduced and a proof sent to the customer for review and approval. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of final artwork, it is essential that the artwork be checked thoroughly by you or someone within your organisation to ensure accuracy. Please be sure to double-check spelling, grammar, phone numbers, web addresses and design before approving final artwork for printing.
  5. Final Product: Once artwork is approved, the plates will be fabricated and delivered to production
    for custom printing.

N.B.: If a proof containing errors is approved by the customer, the customer is responsible for payment of all original costs of printing, including corrections and reprints.