ThermalBrane GP™ DIY Handy Pack

High performance thermal reflective insulation

ThermalBreak 7 Foam Insulation

Features and Benefits

Bushfire Attack Levels

ThermalBrane GP™ is suitable for use in roof systems BAL-LOW to BAL-40 and wall systems BAL-LOW to BAL-FZ to comply with AS 3959—2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

Product Details

Product CodeDutyThicknessWidthLengthArea per roll
TB-GP-10Extra Heavy4.0 mm1500 mm6.67 m10 m²
Residential RoofWinterSummer
22° Pitched tile roof with flat ceiling ventilated
RT 1.1RT 2.7
22° Pitched tile roof with flat ceiling unventilated RT 1.4RT 2.4
22° Pitched tile roof with flat ceiling ventilatedRT 1.3RT 2.3
22° Pitched tile roof with flat ceiling unventilatedRT 1.3RT 3.6
Commercial or Shed Roof
5° metal roof with no ceilingRT 0.9RT 1.9
5° metal roof 100 mm ceilingRT 1.4RT 3.1
5° metal roof 1000 mm ceilingRT 1.3RT 4.5
Steel Stud Framed Wall
Steel stud 90 mm studsRT 1.2RT 1.0
Steel stud 90mm studs lined with 10mm plasterboardRT 1.7RT 1.5
Brick Veneer Wall RT 2.1RT 1.8
Double Brick Cavity Wall RT 2.1RT 1.9

When specifying, state the following:

Product Name: ThermalBrane GP™

The insulation to be installed shall be ThermalBrane GP™ double sided reflective, fibre-free thermo-reflective insulation, comprised of cross-linked, closed-cell core XPE foam with anti-glare foil facing on one side and plain foil facing on the other side, thermal resistance R0.1. Product is manufactured by Ametalin and shall be installed in accordance with AS 4200.2: 2017 Pliable Building Membranes and Underlays, Part 2: Installation Requirements.

Emittance Bright Side: 0.03, Anti-glare Side: 0.04
Water Vapour Transmission (WVT): 1.7 g/m²•24hr
Vapour Resistance: 73.38 MN•s/g
Vapour Barrier Classification: Medium
Water Barrier Classification: High
Duty: Extra Heavy in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.1:2017

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