SilverSark® xR Breather

Micro-perforated Class 3 Vapour Permeable
wall wrap

SilverSark xR Breather Hero

Features and Benefits

Bushfire Attack Levels

Ametalin SilverSark® xR Breather is suitable for use in wall systems BAL – LOW to BAL – FZ to comply with AS 3959—2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

Product Details

Product CodeDutyThicknessWidthLengthArea per roll
HD-XR-40-BHeavy0.17 mm1350 mm30 m40.5 m²
  • Ideal for brick veneer and cavity wall systems
Brick Veneer WallWinterSummer
One layer of SilverSark®xR BreatherRT 1.8RT 1.5
One layer of SilverSark®xR Breather + R2.5 Fibrous BattRT 3.2RT 2.9
Double Brick Cavity
One layer of SilverSark®xR BreatherRT 2.0RT 1.8

When specifying, state the following:

Product Name: SilverSark® xR Breather
The insulation to be installed shall be SilverSark® xR Breather micro-perforated single-sided reflective laminate with anti-glare, emittance bright side 0.03, anti-glare side 0.07. Product is manufactured by Ametalin and shall be installed in accordance with AS 4200.2:2017 Pliable Building Membranes and Underlays, Part 2: Installation Requirements.

Flammability Index: Low ≤ 5
Duty: Heavy in accordance with AS/NSZ 4200.1:2017 
Vapour Control: Class 3 Vapour Permeable 
Vapour Permeability: 0.2433 µg/m²·24 hr 
Water Control: Non-water Barrier 
Emittance Bright Side: 0.03, Anti-glare Side: 0.07 
Emittance Classification: IR Reflective, IR Semi-reflective 
Category: RS 

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